Dr Madhu B

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Mr. Madhu.B
Assistant Professor
Educational Qualifications

MSc - Mathematics, BEd, NET, MA – Malayalam

Specialization : Differential Geometry, Abstract algebra, Topology, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis and Mathematics Education.

Profile : 1. NET in mathematics. 2. Author of 2 books , translator of 2 books, co author of 2 books (all mathematics books in malayalam)

Ph D in Mathematics : Under the guidance of Dr R Rangarajan. Title: ON  STRUCTURE THEORY OF SMOOTH  LIE ALGEBRA BUNDLESNo Ex.9.2/ Ph D/MB/2015-16 Dated 20-03-2021. Department of Studies in Mathematics, University of Mysore, Karnataka, INDIA




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  2. On Derivation Algebra Bundle of an Algebra Bundle, Proc. Jangjeon Math. Soc., 21(2018), No 2.pp. 293 -300, http://dx.doi.org/10.17777/pjms2018.21.2.293, (with B. S. Kiranagi, R Ranjithakumar and Ajaykumar K).
  3. Lie's and Engel's theorem for Lie algebra bundles, Adv. Studies Contemp. Math.  31 (2021), No. 1, pp. 99 - 106, http://dx.doi.org/10.17777/ascm2021.31.1.99, (with R. Rangarajan, B. S. Kiranagi and K Ajaykumar).
  4. Mathematics Education in India through Policy Documents, Journal of Indian Education, (NCERT, New Delhi), February 2023 issue (Vol.4, Issue No.4)(With Biju K)