State Coordination Committee (SCC)

The main functions of State Coordination Committee (SCC) are:
1. To coordinate the identification of State’s Educational Needs related to the development of school education including teacher education,
2. To recommend to the NCERT the academic assistance required to develop State’s educational competencies at key level, and
3. To review the utilization of NCERT’s inputs by the State

Composition of the SCC will be following:
1. Education Secretary of the State : Chairman
2. Director (s) of SIE/SCERT : Member (s)
3. Director of Vocational Education : Member
4. Director or his/her nominee dealing with Tribal Education/Special Education who might be in Social Welfare Directorate : Member
5. Officer dealing with Planning and Statistics Pertaining to school education : Member
6. Such other officer (s) as might be necessary to ensure coverage of programmes for school education and teacher education in which NCERT is actively engaged. : Member
7. Field advisor concerned (if in position) : Member
8. The State Coordinators in the Extension Department of RIE : Special Invitees
9. Principal of the RIE: Member-Convenor

The educational needs of the states are identified mainly through the mechanism of the State Co-ordination Committees (SCCs) which provide a forum for interaction among the NCERT faculty with the senior functionaries of the State Education Departments. The identified educational needs of the states are first considered by the Institutes Advisory Boards (IABs) of RIEs and then the Managing Committees (MCs) of RIEs.