Accounts Section


Dr S U Krishna Prasad

Accounts Officer

The main function of the of Accounts section to cater the needs of financial matters in respect of the staff members of the Institute and DMS school and students. The main objective of the section to monitor all the transaction of the Institute and DMS. It also monitors the Cash Flow, Budget of the Institute and DMS. Accounts section process all the TA/DA/ LTC/CEA claims and Pay and Allowance of the Institute and DMS staff members Accounts section comprises of one Accounts officer, one Senior Accountant and two Junior Accountant. They will be assisted by four staff members of Administration and Cashier. Accounts officer, Senior accountant and Junior Accountant have been appointed by NCERT after clearing the exam conducted by NCERT. Senior Accountant monitors the Accounts section. It is well equipped with Computers Printers, Software etc. which are essential for the Financial management of an Institute. Accounts are based on Receipts and Payment Account, for an non-profitable organisation. The accounts are prepared generally on the Accrual method of Accounting. The accounting standards are according to Central Higher Educational Institutions supplied by MHRD. Institute has to undergo to two type of auditing in a year, one is conducted by the Internal audit team of NCERT, second audit is by CAG Banglore. Apart from this once in a four year, the Institute has to undergo Certification of Audit by CAG.


Different types of forms of Account Section : 
1. Tour Programme
2. Dependency Certificate
3. Leave Travel Concession Bill
4. Travelling Allowance Bill
5. Form of application of claiming refund of medical expenses incurred in connection with medical attendance and or treatment of council servants and their families
6. Form "A"