Inter Demonstration School Meet (INDEM)

For the first time in the history of National Council of Educational Research and Training, the students of four Demonstration Schools met in Mysuru during December 1982. This was an opportunity given to all the four schools to exhibit their talents on a common platform and exchange their views. Since then, INDEM, i.e., Inter Demonstration School Meet has become popular and children of the four schools show their eagerness and preparedness to take part in this meet. We have been improvising and reforming our strategies and insights to reach the national goal of appreciating 'Unity in Diversity'.
The philosophy of INDEM is National Integration through sports, literary and cultural activities. Children from different regions of India nurtured in four Demonstration Schools, (each school with a different cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds) find a common platform to share and enjoy the rich and common cultural heritage of this great country.

Objectives of INDEM:

While organizing the meet the following objectives have been kept in mind and programmes have been designed to realize these objectives.
To enable the participants of four DM Schools to:

1. Meet in a common place, exchange and appreciate the different cultural and social patterns.
2. Develop a sense of national and emotional integration indispensable for the welfare of the country.
3. Realise the importance of living together and working together for a common cause.
4. Understand the physical, social and cultural importance of the four regions where DM Schools are located.

INDEM will be conducted in Ajmer in 2017