Student Club


To provide a virtual platform for the students to exchange their Books(terms and conditions applied) within themselves To create an inducive and harmonious atmosphere within the Members of the club To inspire and motivate the students of rie to explore the world of Reading to have insightful interacting sessions with authors

Laya - Let music enrich your soul

To explore all the music artists in the campus. To provide equal opportunities to all artists. To increase confidence and improve vocal capacity of students. To create a cultural bond with the society.

Vriddhi - Peace within and around.

We at vriddhi, care about mental health and emotional wellbeing. One's mental health is a stigmatised area of concern that requires more light and awareness. With the world inching towards a mental health pandemic, it's our responsibility to be willing to prioritise and take steps for our well-being. Carl Roger believed that humans are capable of self healing provided they get a congenial environment and we at Vriddhi provide that environment and support to the student community of RIE Mysore.

The Irrational Club- Mathematics Club.

Simple and straightforward, our club has been made not for the people who like Mathematics, it’s made to save those people who are on the brink of losing interest in mathematics, when we come to college there are many people who are confused, when Real Analysis or Abstract Algebra happens to them and they start to forget what mathematics is like, it doesn't need to be confusing, it doesn’t need to be complicated, you can simply enjoy it, this club has been started by me in the hopes of reviving and being able to make them relive those moments and things that made mathematics so intriguing, interesting and fun.


To build curiosity, imagination, the sense of exploration and shared discovery among students.To encourage young minds to become amateur astronomers.Permitting the students to go beyond classroom instructions and further their understandings of the science by getting an “ hands on” experience in this field.To discover what is beyond space.

EdTech for Educators - An All For Teachers ICT Club

To build a strong community of teachers and learners who share a common interest towards the need, purpose and use of technology in education.To empower and promote the use of technology in education and create awareness about several Tech Tools for the efficiency of teaching practice.To create a fun and engaging online platform (social media page, website, app) focused on posting curated content that caters to teachers and their resource needs

ELC - Electoral Literacy Club

To spread awareness about the electoral system in the nation. To acknowledge the idea of one person, one vote. To spread awareness about the distribution of power at various level. To create a healthy temper towards the elections in the country.